Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your location?

  • 418 South St. Philadelphia Pa 19147

What are your hours?

  • 12:30 PM - 9:30 PM Tues-Saturday

What are your service pricing?

  • Closure install = $175
  • Leave out install = $150
  • Units start at $500
  • Unit maintenance = $120
  • Booking Fee = $50

What comes with your services?

  • All clients must come shampooed we style and install desired effects
  • Unit maintenance take a week to manage we will shampoo, condition, and style as desired. (Installation is not included in maintenance extra $25 will be required for it to be installed)

Do you have bundles in stock?

  • When bundles are in stock they will posted and available for purchase

Do you allow emergency/rush bookings?

  • Yes we are available to accommodate you if we have space on the schedule the fee starts at $200

How long do units typically last?

  • Units can last 2 years or longer with proper care and maintenance
  • DO NOT SCRATCH CLOSURES (Pat or use a rat tail comb and go under)

Do you offer classes?

  • We are in the process of offering classes on a weekly basis as well as other opportunities to learn and grow with our company.  Make sure you subscribe to our email list for updates